School Bus Conversion

A Yellow Bus Turns Green

The school bus is converted into an ecological mobile home thanks to members of ABDÉTS who worked hard to reduce as much as possible its environmental footprint. Merci !



  • Le bus à l'achat
  • Intérieur immaculé

Insulation and Walls

Furnitures and Arrangement


Painting and Ventilation



Logo Batterie Expert

For the photovoltaic electrical system.

Logo Leger Lite

For foam insulation.

Logo Lusimat

For cork finish.

Logo Eclipse

For some Watt of solar panels.

We have also been supported by individuals. They have involved their company for a precious help. Many thanks to

  • Michel-Dominique for his indefectible help when we were in trouble. Nothing would have been possible without him.
  • Yan L. for his open mind and generosity.
  • Nick P. for his trust.
  • Rémi A.


This project exists because of the generosity and solidarity it generated. People who participated gave it its strength and soul.

Thank you in random order to all those who helped us in many ways:

Alexandre H., Nicolas L., David J., Myrielle R., JC, Rodolphe, Stéphane D., Clarisse T., Fred, Marie F., Catherine D’A., Michel D., Jason, Nelson B., Simon-Pierre, Bérénice M.-D. & Alain, Maud, Joaquin, Évelyne B., Any, Malik K., Fred I., Benjamin L., Bruno C., Fabio et Rita, Isa P., Ariane, Marjo, Alexandre et Andréane, notre voisinage, Samuel M.-D., Samuel T., Jacinthe B’A., Sandy, Sarah A.…